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Posted by Theresa on Jan. 30, 2020

The best way to discover Malaga is through our Segway tour. Our Segway tour at Ebike Malaga goes along all the most beautiful places in the city. You can choose from a 1h segway discovery, 1h30 amazing segway experience or the complete 2h segway ride.

But what do we all know about these electronic two-wheelers?

Here are five fun facts about the Segway:

How did Segway get its name?
This name is derived from the word: "segue", which also means "a smooth transition from one street to the another". The Segway moves a person differently than a normal pedestrian, it goes much smoother. With a Segway, you can move farther away, move sustainably and smooth.

Did you know that the first Segway was sold in 2002?
This happened on, these were the first sold Segway Personal Transporters (PT). Then in 2005, the first Segway Cross-Terrain Transporter was launched and in 2013 the Ninebot established in China.

Who came up with the Segway?
The American Dean Kamen (1951) New York, invented the Segway. He came up with the idea because he saw a man in a wheelchair having difficulty driving over a curb. He realized that this was not due to the wheelchair itself but to the imbalance. With this background, the inventor came up with a great idea: the Segway.

Did you know that there are many different types of Segways?
In addition to the normal "Segway", we also know them in the mini form, these are without handles. The Segway has also a variant with 1 wheel. The brand has even designed a go-kart for the children, the "Gokart Kit", which is also fully electric and can run up to 24 kilometers per hour.

Why don't I immediately fall over when I lean forward?
If you normally stand on the floor and lean forward, you will not immediately fall, this is because fluid shifts inside the ear and the brain, therefore, knows that you are out of balance. This movement moves your foot forward to ensure that you do not fall over. With the Segway, this also happens but slightly differently, as soon as you lean forward on the Segway the engine receives a signal and starts driving, the Segway maintains the speed in the same way that you lean forward, the further to the faster the Segway goes.

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